Frequently Asked Questions

What do you pay attention to when recruiting new graduates?

We expect the new graduate to have spent his/her university years productively both socially and technically. Particularly, the competitions  and projects that the new graduate candidate has participated in the field of engineering are very valuable to us. In addition, we want to work with candidates who are committed to ethical values, have high potential, are interested in technology and aim for continuous improvement. In the interviews with new graduates and engineering candidates, it is important in which fields the candidate works and to what extent these fields overlap with our fields of activity. Therefore, it will be of great benefit for you to follow the fields of activity, products, technologies used by TİTRA.

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Can candidates who are not graduates of the Faculty of Engineering get a job?

Yes, they can get jobs in our Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Administrative Affairs, Business Development and Corporate Communication departments in our administrative units. In addition, candidates who are not engineering graduates but have knowledge on Defense, Aviation and Software and have developed their technical skills can also attain positions in our company.

How many days a week does the candidate work in the Engineering process?

We expect you to participate face-to-face at least 2 days a week. In your spare time, you can spend time within the company and get the opportunity to improve yourself.

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