Two-Seater Ultra Light Helicopter

With our strategic cooperation agreement with Cicare, one of the most important sportive helicopter companies in the world, we have strengthened our presence in both civil aviation and UAV, and have taken our process of converting manned helicopters to unmanned ones to an advanced level.

Sales of Cicare helicopters to Turkey and the countries in the region, authorized service support, joint production have been the beginning of a common path for both companies.

Experience, Design

The company's aim was to produce a helicopter with low operating costs and low fuel consumption. Using the latest technology in materials such as carbon fiber and titanium, the advanced engineering and design team has not only achieved this goal, but also produced this helicopter with a lower curb weight and increased payload, a striking appearance that is unmatched for this type of aircraft.

Titra Teknoloji Cicare Helikopter


Constructed entirely from carbon fiber, the cockpit is a reticulated welded lightweight lattice semi-monocoque complete with an aerospace-grade Chrome Molybdenum Steel SAE 4130 fuselage that can absorb energy by deformation for the protection of its crew.

Technicial Specifications

Number of Seats  
Manufacturer/model EPA Power 917i
Type 4-cylinder boxer
Max Takeoff Weight 130 HP
Curb Weight 280 kg - 617 Ibs 
Full Weight 450 kg - 992 Ibs
Maximum Speed VNE 194 km/h - 100 kt
Level Flight Speed 160 km/h - 80 kt
Vertical Speed 7 m/s - 1400 ft/min
Service Ceiling 4500 m - 14500 ft
Fuel Type Mogas (lead free)
Cruising Time 2,5 hours

Titra Teknoloji Cicare Helikopter Tech

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