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Observer Force


PARS is a high-capability Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) designed for both military and commercial applications, providing precise Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities with minimum radar visibility. PARS ensures a highly stealthy operational experience. With an optimized flight mode, PARS can fly for up to 4 hours. Its user-friendly Ground Control Station (GCS) and autonomous flight and landing mode make it very easy to operate.

PARS Long Endurance UAV offers an excellent option to meet the demanding service requirements for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target detection operations.

Pars Iha3


Reliable and Effective

The PARS Long Endurance UAV stands out as a reliable and effective unmanned aerial vehicle. It offers an ideal solution for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target detection operations while ensuring operational efficiency.

In the field of security and defense, the PARS Long Endurance UAV plays a significant role. It can be utilized for tasks such as border security, crime prevention, and detection. With its high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging systems, it can monitor sensitive areas, scan hazardous regions, and provide real-time information, enabling quick responses. It can be effectively employed in scenarios such as forest fire monitoring, natural disaster assessment, environmental surveillance, and agricultural land monitoring. The UAV can swiftly scan large areas, collect data, and perform analysis to support decision-making processes.

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Max.Take-off Weigh11.4 Kg

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Cruise Speed50km/h

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Endurance4 Hours

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Range60 Km

The PARS Long Endurance UAV provides quick and easy access to areas that are difficult to reach by land or sea, while collecting real-time information to facilitate swift and accurate operational decision-making. It features an economic flight mode for maximum flight duration, silent flight capability, precise navigation system, user-friendly ground control system, reinforced body, and secure landing. The UAV also possesses autonomous navigation and landing capabilities, as well as the ability for both manual and catapult launches. These features make the PARS Long Endurance UAV a reliable, flexible, and effective platform for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target detection.

The automatic take-off and landing system of the PARS Long Endurance UAV ensures ease of use and operational efficiency, allowing mission planning with simple touches.


  • Up to 4 hours of flight endurance
  • Highly capable EO&IR gimbal
  • Economic flight
  • Silent flight
  • Precise navigation with VNS and INS along with GPS
  • Easy to operate with the help of user-friendly ground control system
  • Reinforced fuselage allows safe landing
  • Both hand and catapult launching capabilities
  • High-definition video transmission up to 60 km
  • Target tracking, distance measurement, laser marking
  • Wide area scan and mapping capability


Pars Iha2

Performance Characteristics

Communication Range 60 km
Endurance 4 hours
Wingspan 3.45 m
Max. Takeoff Weight 11.4 kg
Wind Limits 20 kts (37 km/h)
Maximum Payload 2 kg
Landing Autonomous or manual
Cruising Speed 50 km/h


Camera Specifications

Visible Global Shutter 30X Zoom
LWIR (Uncooled Thermal Camera) 5X Continious Zoom
Visible FOV 47.7°...1.8°
Pan Continious 360°
Tilt -80°-65°
Object Tracking yes
Laser Pointing yes (optional)
Weight 1.56 kg


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