We are working to build a brand-new future, inspired by our past. We bring together the values and intelligence of new generations with our hard work discipline to make technology beneficial to humanity. We produce solutions and technologies in the fields of unmanned systems, smart health, smart cities, artificial intelligence, big data, and cyber security.

About Us

Titra Technology Alpin Insansiz Helikopter 2

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More than a helicopter

ALPIN is ready to perform any task, day or night, on the sea or on land, regardless of harsh weather conditions.

ALPIN is the world's most capable and reliable tactical rotary-wing UAV designed for applications in harsh tactical environments to provide intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) as well as high payload capability.


DELİ Kamikaze UAV

With our hand-held fixed-wing small unmanned aerial vehicles capable of target search and classification with artificial intelligence, we can operate fully autonomously and fly as a swarm when necessary. The Mad Herd can make an independent decision and act in coordination within the herd, share tasks, detect and destroy targets.


Titra Tech Deli


Enterprise Solutions

We provide turnkey software solutions to our customers with our holistic solutions. We provide uninterrupted service to the sector with our technical infrastructure, growing portfolio and solution partnerships.



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