Location Based IoT System

Triot; it is an intelligent IoT system that provides real-time and historical location-based environmental data.

Collects location-based real-time information about the environment and quality of life. The data is presented in web  and mobile applications with easy  and understandable visuals. Triot is an IoT device and software infrastructure that makes visible and meaningful factors affecting the quality of life such as climate, environmental factors, air quality and seismic changes.

  • Climate change monitoring and tracking
  • Location-based data
  • Reporting with data analysis
  • Environmental data collection platform
  • Air quality and pollen API for businesses and governments
  • Raising awareness about air pollution


Air Quality & Pollen API

Location-based and real-time received air quality and environmental data are served over the system API.

Environmental Data Platform

It is available through a web platform that performs customized, detailed analysis of historical and real-time weather, air quality, seismic and noise data.

Climate Change Tracking

Provides historically detailed data for Environmental Policies.

Environmental Awareness

Provides real-time health recommendations to raise awareness about air pollutants.

Why TRIoT?

TRIOT is a system that will contribute to making our cities more livable and will raise awareness in society.

  • It facilitates critical area detection and improvement process in air pollution prevention.
  • Generates visible and meaningful data for environmental and air pollution management.
  • Performs periodic (hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly) air quality analysis.
  • Performs data analysis to evaluate the effects of pollutants on our health by monitoring air quality.
  • As a result of the analysis, it raises the awareness of the society.
  • It allows us to control the environment and air pollution.
  • Contributes to smart city planning.


  • It contributes to minimizing the negative effects of air pollution on residents of the region by obtaining location based real-time data.
  • It contributes to the creation of sociological, psychological and economic statistics that constitute the basic elements of air quality in human life.
  • Obtains data that will form the basis of infrastructure and superstructure studies.
  • It contributes to the formation of seasonal analysis.
  • It facilitates the detection of noise pollution and enables it to be managed more effectively.


Every year due to air pollution

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7 million people die.

(Diseases caused by air pollution; Acute Respiratory Diseases, COPD, Heart diseases, Lung Cancer, Asthma, Stroke, Cardiovascular Diseases) 

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The average life expectancy decreases by 2 years.

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The number of deaths is 6 times higher than the number of deaths in traffic accidents.

Group 4746

41% of deaths from COPD are due to air pollution.

Group 4743

Air pollution causes 19% of lung cancer.

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System Hardware Features

  • 7 sensors operating simultaneous with high sensitivity and accuracy
  • 28 real time data points based on location
  • Sensor calibration provided by the software
  • Data storage on the device against possible data transfer problems
  • Anomaly detection
  • 1% Tolerance value


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System Software Features

  • Displaying data with graphics specific to selected location
  • Adding and Removing Element Graphics
  • Filtering by time, element and date
  • Presenting Element-Specific data analysis outputs
  • View historical air quality indexes (API documentation AQI) of locations
  • Listing of city, district, street and activity-oriented places
  • Sorting the locations by their AQI values


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Achieved Objectives

  • High-accuracy tracking of data on air pollution, seismic events, environmental factors
  • To raise awareness about air pollution in society and to raise awareness of the public institutions and organizations about its effects
  • Increasing national knowledge and contributing to new technological developments
  • To reveal the negative effects of air pollution on human health and to provide suggestions for the prevention of health problems.


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