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ALPiN Unmanned Helicopter is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is made unmanned/autonomous by changing the control mechanisms and interfaces of a two-man helicopter with system-specific servo actuators controlled by our autopilot system.

ALPiN is the first unmanned helicopter in Türkiye that can land/take off vertically with the press of a single button. It can execute the assigned tasks fully automatically and can carry 200 kg of payload including fuel. 

Titra Technologies Alpin


More than a helicopter

ALPiN is ready to perform any task, day or night, on the sea or on land, regardless of harsh weather conditions. ALPIN is the world's most capable and reliable tactical rotary-wing UAV designed for applications in challenging tactical environments to provide intelligence, surveillance, target detection and reconnaissance (ISTAR) as well as high payload capability.

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Payload Capacity200 Kg

Titra Technology Alpin Ucus Irtifasi Icon

Service Ceiling21.000 ft

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Endurance9+ Hours

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Control Radius200 Km


Capable of fully autonomous take-off and landing, ALPIN is a unique platform designed to complete all missions by flying to ğredefined points.

It has the feature of being a superior unmanned platform with its high load carrying capacity, vertical take-off and landing capability and its ability to stay in the air for a long time.


  • Being able to observe a desired point or target steadily by hovering in the air with its "hover" feature and 24/7 surveillance with thermal and night vision cameras.
  • Fully autonomous flight capability
  • Long endurance time
  • High payload carrying capacity
  • ‘Hover’ and ‘pirouette’ capability for target tracking
  • Multiple payload integration possibilities
  • Possibility of use in various concepts: reconnaissance and surveillance missions, power line control, cargo transportation, mapping, emergency base station, response to disaster  area, search and rescue operations, agricultural spraying, radio/communication relays, etc.
  • Expandable autopilot modes according to user needs
  • Mode A/C/S transponder system (optional)
  • Communication (air-air/air-ground) systems (optional)
  • Easy transport with light tactical wheeled vehicles
  • Real time image/video transmission (optional)
  • Autonomous target tracking with integrated camera system (optional)
  • GNSS Antijam system integration (optional)


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In addition to these features, ALPIN can detect, identify, identify and track targets from long distances to ensure security in the military field. It maintains its great advantage against manned systems with its ability to access conflict environments without the risk of loss of lives. With its hover feature up to 20 minutes on targets, it can also prevent fixed-wing unmanned systems. 

Performance Characteristics

Service Ceiling ~21.000 ft (6400 m)
Max Air Speed ~203 km/h (110 kts)
Navigation Speed ~107 km/h (58 kts)
Fuel Type Gasoline - 175 Lt
Wind Limits 20 kts (37 km/h)
Maximum Payload 200 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 550 kg
Propulsion Systems  130 hp


Autopilot Features

  • Fully Autonomous Takeoff - Landing - Cruise
  • Semi-Autonomous Control with Automatic Stabilization
  • Advanced RTL Features
  • Real Time Mission Planning (100+ Waypoints)
  • Real Time Parameter Display
  • Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • Redundant Autopilot System


Avionics Systems

  • Data Link / Video Link
  • CNSS Antijam CRPA System
  • Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)
  • VHF Air Band Communication
  • Radar Altimeter
  • Flight Data Logger


Payload Options

  • EO / IR Cameras
  • SAR Radar
  • Weapon Systems
  • Communication Relays


Communication Features

Radius 200 km
Frequency Band L/S Band
Data Encryption AES 256


Titra Technology Alpin Insansiz Helikopter 4

Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensors, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Light Detection and Range (LIDAR), Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Communications Relays, Auto-Identification payload capability System (AIS) sensors and logistic support with various lifting methods give the helicopter an advantage in any environment, day or night.

The ALPIN is indispensable for the task in complex terrain, where there are no airports or runways. As a VTOL system, it does not need prepared runways or supporting launch or recovery equipment.

Reconnaissance, search and rescue in land and sea operations; It has the opportunity to be used for a wide variety of applications such as spraying and soil analysis in agricultural missions, weather forecasting in meteorology, scientific measurements in risky areas.

It carries out logistics support in mountainous areas, in areas where access is difficult. Automatic target detection and identification algorithms have been developed with the image processing feature supported by artificial intelligence on the system.


  • 01LojistikLogistics
  • 02OptikOptical
  • 03Deniz RadarMarine Radar
  • 04Arama KurtarmaSearch and
  • 05Yakin MuharebeClose Air


  • 01Titra Technology Alpin Orman Yangini Icon Combating Forest
  • 02Titra Technology Alpin Acik Deniz IconOffshore
  • 03Titra Technology Alpin Acil Saglik Lojistigi IconEmergency Health
  • 04Titra Technology Alpin Afet Yardim Operasyonlari IconDisaster Relief
  • 05Titra Technology Alpin Tarim Uygulamalari IconAgricultural


Some of the usage areas

  • Supporting artillery units in ground operations with target sharing
  • Transportation of various useful loads such as ammunition and food in military operations
  • Intelligence, target detection/surveillance/tracking support at high altitude with high resolution camera and gimbal system
  • In case of natural disasters reconnaissance, observation, food, first aid, transport of payloads etc.
  • Mapping and imaging applications
  • Agricultural use
  • Meteorology
  • Mobile base station


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