About Us

Inspired by our past, we are working to build a brand-new future. 

We bring together the values and intelligence of new generations and our discipline of hard work to make technology beneficial for humanity. We produce solutions and technology in the fields of unmanned systems, smart health, smart cities, artificial intelligence and big data.

On the road that we set out to develop the technologies of the new age, we strictly adhere to ethical values and corporate culture, while focusing on our goals with our personnel with a strong technological background. 

We know the importance of artificial intelligence, which will stand out in all areas of life in the future, and with this technology, we work to develop innovative solutions in different sectors. With R&D activities that we carry out by combining the opportunities offered by information and technology with the determination and dynamism of our young workforce, we focus on producing integrated solutions in the intertwined application areas of constantly developing technologies.

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We develop innovative solutions and products in the fields of Unmanned Systems, Smart Health, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for both the National and International markets and also developing solutions and products in different technological areas.



We develop national and international innovative solutions and products for different sectors with our continuously developing competencies, technology, and R&D activities. We support our vision by producing solutions and technologies in the fields of Unmanned Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Health, and Smart Cities.


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