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Working Zones

Unmanned Systems

TİTRA Teknoloji A.Ş entered the Unmanned Systems field with its past experience by adding unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with up-to-date technologies to its portfolio, especially in order to meet the needs of our country in the defense field.

Artificial Intelligence

As TİTRA Technology, we know the importance of artificial intelligence, which will come to the fore in all areas of life in the future, and we are working to develop innovative solutions, first of all, in different sectors with this technology.

Image Processing

Image processing includes the studies on converting the images taken by an analog or digital sensor into digital format and then making these digital data suitable for purpose and use by means of algorithms.

Smart Cities

With the Smart City Technologies approach, it is aimed to collect, process, analyze, present high-accuracy, holistic data about the inhabitants of the community, structures, resources, assets, energy and all factors that make up a city, and to design, model and plan the smart city structure as a result of the data.

Smart Health

Smart health systems are an integration of divided health services. They analyze health data of individuals using various fields such as the Internet of Things, wearable technologies and Artificial Intelligence.