In Unmanned Systems

Force multiplier of military operations: 
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Our R&D efforts are of great importance to us; to offer a high performance, durable and globally competitive product range in the field of Fixed and Rotary Wing Platforms, Swarm UAV Systems and Unmanned Systems for reconnaissance and surveillance in Türkiye and in the world.

It is among the objectives of TITRA to be in a leading position in the civil and military fields locally and abroad through developing cutting-edge Unmanned Systems that can work bothin swarm or standalone missions.

In line with our vision for unmanned systems,
we invest in smarter and more innovative technologies
for the future of our country.

What does TITRA do in the field of Unmanned Systems?

  • Operational capability development is achieved by increasing the level of autonomy of unmanned systems and by turning manned systems already in use into unmanned systems.
  • It is ensured that autonomous system software development processes are made efficient through the effective use of modeling and simulation technologies.
  • In cases where data communication is preferably limited/suppressed by external intervention, secure autonomous systems are developed to ensure continuity of operation.
  • With artificial intelligence supported control models, operation risks are reduced with software solutions that are minimally affected by unexpected situations which can adopt to different environments and conditions.
  • Cost-effective and portable platforms where autonomous system software can be tested are rapidly prototyped thanks to our production workshop.
  • Enhanced image processing capability is developed with object recognition and geolocation.
  • For different types of singular and multiple systems, specialized ground control station software suitable for mission and operation planning is developed.
  • Thanks to our aerodynamic analysiscapabilities, we designed the aircraft with the ability to reach the farthest distances with maximum endurance and minimum energy use.
  • We verify whether the requirements are met by validating the designed aircraft through simulation before production.
  • We have Türkiye's first civilian UAV 3 pilot staff.

Application Areas of UAVs

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Scientific Research

Atmospheric research,
Geological survey,
Ecological research,
Research on storms,
Observation of volcanoes,
Transportation science,
Agriculture and forestry

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National Security

Border protection,
Coastal surveillance,

Monitoring and securing of large public events


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Disaster Prevention and Management

Monitoring and prevention of forest fires
Monitoring of flood disasters
Assessment of earthquake damage
Making storm hit areas safer,
Determining leaks caused by disasters,
Search for survivors in ship and plane accidents or disaster areas

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Environmental Protection

Monitoring of unauthorised hunting 
Pollution sources
Monitoring of oil fields
Protection of water resources

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Communication Tasks

Use as a satellite replacement,
Use as a communication relay,
Broadband communication

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Protection of Critical Infrastructures

Monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, 
Monitoring of power grids,
Protection of maritime transportation from pirates, 
Monitoring of traffic flow

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