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Unmanned helicopter Alpin strengthened for military missions

Alpin, developed by Titra Technology and used in firefighting in its first field experience, is preparing for military missions.

Titra Technology Senior Manager Selman Dönmez told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they participated in the 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021) with a new body. Dönmez stated that they decided to make some changes in the body design and aerodynamics of the vehicle after their experience in the first prototype works, and stated that they were preparing the vehicle for missions in the defense industry. Dönmez said, “As a result of the flight tests we carried out with our first designs, we have improved the fuselage design for the integrations we will make especially in the defense field, in order to make it look a little fuller and to make the integration of weapons and ammunition more efficient. We also exhibited the first prototype fuselage at IDEF 2021.” said.

Noting that they have been in talks for military use for a long time, Dönmez said that as a result of the contacts with the relevant delegations within the scope of the fair, the evaluations regarding Alpin became clear. Dönmez said, “The Alpin unmanned helicopter stands at a different point in the unmanned systems sector. The vehicle could not be matched with ‘drones’ or fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles in the minds of many. We think that the helicopter will be used in the near future.” he said.

Selman Dönmez also stated that negotiations with different defense industry companies, especially on the integration of ammunition and weapons, continue, and that the new hull will provide great advantages for these missions.


Worked with firefighting helicopters

Commenting on the use of Alpin in forest fires in the southern regions of Turkey, Dönmez said:

“When we made the first launch in the last months of 2020, the General Directorate of Forestry contacted us with the thought that it could be really useful for fire surveillance. In the following process, we started an operation to use unmanned helicopters for surveillance purposes together. In this context, unfortunately, a big fire started in Antalya-Manavgat while preparing to fly in Çanakkale. We arrived in the area that night. We started our work on fire surveillance processes. It was the first experience for us as well.

It’s really another experience. We carried out a surveillance flight in the fire environment and integrated with the firefighting helicopters, to support their intense firefighting, both protecting ourselves and without posing a danger to them. This showed that, if unmanned helicopters are used for fire surveillance purposes, they can make a significant contribution to both pre-detection and determination of the direction of the growth of the fires, and in which direction the energy is shifted.”

Dönmez said that Alpin can be used to detect fire zones even at night and can be an active decision support mechanism in operation processes, especially thanks to its night flight capability.

Selman Dönmez said, “It has been a great experience. We hope that our helicopter will be used more actively in the coming years in terms of monitoring forest fires.” said.