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Turkish engineers developed an unmanned helicopter.

Turkish technology company Titra has developed an unmanned helicopter as part of its efforts to meet various military and civilian needs. The helicopter has a flight range of 800-850 kilometers and a flight altitude of more than 15,000 feet. The helicopter, which can stay in the air for up to 8 hours, can carry a useful load of up to 160 kilograms.

Turkish technology company Titra dehumanized a helicopter to obtain an aircraft with high payload capacity, flight time and range to meet military and civilian needs.

Describing the platform they developed as “the dehumanization of a manned flying platform”

Titra Technology Senior Manager Selman Dönmez said, “The core technology and solution we focus on is the ability to dehumanize. It was a platform that could carry two people weighing up to 190 kilograms and could stay in the air for up to 3 hours. We bought a manned platform from the global market and started the transformation process by collaborating with a Belarusian engineering firm.

It has a flight range of 850 kilometers.

The engine performance had to be increased because it stayed in the air for a long time. We made some modifications to the engine. We have carried out electromechanical equipment modernization so that functions normally controlled by a human can be performed unmanned. At the end of the studies, we have obtained a platform with a flight range of 800-850 kilometers, a flight altitude of more than 15 thousand feet, capable of staying in the air for 7-8 hours, and carrying a useful load of up to 160 kilograms.

Mass production in Turkey with high locality rate

Emphasizing that their main goal on the platform is to demonstrate the feasibility of the dehumanization process, Dönmez said that they achieved this at the first stage.

Dönmez said, “Our goal is to start mass production towards the end of 2021. We have made a dehumanization here. This is an indication that any platform in the inventory can also be dehumanized. The transformation of a platform can take up to 6-8 months. This platform is already ready for flight, its tests have been carried out and its technology has been verified. It is a platform,” he said.