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ALPIN Unmanned Helicopter​

ALPİN Unmanned Helicopter is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is made unmanned/autonomous by changing the control mechanisms and interfaces of a double manned helicopter and controlling the system-specific servo actuators with the autopilot system developed.


With the Swarm System, fixed-wing and rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles with different wing architectures can be controlled separately and together. 


As Titra, we are working on an artificial intelligence decision support system that will detect early diagnosis of aneurysm and stroke diseases.


TRIOT, scope of Smart City Technologies and Applications; is a product of ours that collects and analyzes location-based real-time data about the environment and quality of life of cities, has a real-time warning and information system, and analyzes the data.


Callyx is a local video conferencing platform that can work both on mobile and browser, allowing people in different locations to make online calls.


With its vulnerability scanning engine, INSIBAT detects the latest vulnerabilities and security threats through the vulnerability database designed, developed and regularly updated by our teams.