Turkey’s Titra inks deal with Argentinian chopper maker Cicare

Alpin Stratejik Anlasma

Producing Turkey's first unmanned helicopter Alpin, Titra Technology strengthened its presence in both civil aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) fields by striking a strategic cooperation deal with Cicare, one of the world's leading sportive helicopter companies.

The signed agreement also marks a new collaboration that has been established between Turkey and Argentina in various fields of technology.

Titra Technology, which operates in the fields of unmanned systems, health technologies and smart cities, aims to sell Cicare helicopters to Turkey and the countries in the region, to provide authorized service support.

With the agreement, joint production is also aimed.

Alpin 2

Cicare, one of the well-established aviation companies of Argentina and Latin America with more than 60 years of experience, aims to increase its market share in Turkey, the Turkic republics, the Middle East and North Africa thanks to its strategic cooperation with Titra.

Cicare CEO Juan Cicare said the cooperation would create new opportunities for both companies and the countries.

"This agreement indicates the growth of both companies and the strengthening of their technologies, to produce important parts of our rotary-wing ultra-light aircraft in Turkey. We think it will be the beginning of a common path,” Cicare said.

Titra Chief Executive Davut Yılmaz, for his part, noted that with the strategic cooperation agreement with Cicare, they have taken the process of transforming the manned helicopter to an unmanned one, which they started with Alpin, to an advanced level.

"We will be the distributor and authorized service center of Cicare helicopters in the field of sportive civil aviation for Turkey and the countries in the region, and we will ensure that critical parts of these helicopters are produced locally in the future,” he said.

Yılmaz added that they aim to make Titra a brand in this field with investments to follow.

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